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From Frustrated to Fascinated

From Frustrated to Fascinated only works for moms who are not perfect and really want to change the results they’re getting. Friends of mine who were generally perfect parents haven’t seen noticeable results. But for far-from-perfect parents like me, it’s a lifesaver. And I’m not just using the word “lifesaver” because it sounds good, but frankly, that’s what this course is.

This self- study course allows you to start, pace and continue in your own time. There are certain parts just for you the parent then there will be parts where you enjoy with your child. I guarantee you will have so much fun that you won’t even think of it as a course but a lifesaver.

Your child will also enjoy this course. You will understand completely why I titled it “From Frustrated to Fascinated” because you will be fascinated with the results. These are the exact strategies that I have used time and time again with my children and others across the world and they will work for you too.

ADHD, My Child And Me: How to Beat the Status Quo and Increase Your Child’s Growth
Have a child diagnosed with ADHD? Learn how Tameka used her own diagnosis as a positive to help her excel in school and life. She will teach you parenting hacks that will help you eliminate the fatigue and help teach your child to embrace who they are and excel in life. Click here to be added to the wait list.

Top Performers Intensive: How to Raise a Child Who Excels in Life
What does Venus Williams, Gabby Douglas, and Michael Phelps all have in common? Besides athletic, they are top performers. They are the best in what they do. Do you want your child to become one of the best in life? During our Top Performers Intensive, we will give you the tools that you need to engage with your child at a deeper level, empower them to perform and stay at the top of their game in all areas of their lives, and excel to the heights that you’ve always dreamt they would reach. Click here to be added to the wait list.

My Bully Buddy: How to Boost Confidence to Defeat Bullies
Have you ever dealt with someone who bullied you? If so, then you understand the importance of ensuring your child does not have to deal with this same feat. During this course, you will be given the tools needed to ensure you equip your child to stand tall against bullies and inspire them to want more in life. Click here to be added to the wait list.