America’s F.U.N. (Families Understanding Needs) Coach

(because who are we kidding, Parenting Coach sounds too formal),

my mission is to partner with busy mom’s

all over the world helping them draw out their children’s

inner gold mine and encouraging these little ones

to lead with confidence.


And now?

I’m YOUR F.U.N. Coach

Why Am I For You?

BECAUSE you’re smart and don’t need someone telling you what to do.

But you feel alone sometimes.

You have a few great moments with the kids but other times make you cry.

BECAUSE you have kid envy, kinda like:

“I wish my kid was like [insert name of great kid in neighborhood here]

but I wouldn’t dare want anyone to think I can’t handle my kid.”

BECAUSE maybe you don’t look like you are frustrated with your kid,

but you know how you feel when you’re alone — and well,

you want to feel good about being a mommy again.

But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s What I Will Do For You:

I lock arms and partner with you

to help you get your mommy flow back.

From tantrums to totally calm, adamant to adorable or malicious to magnetic,

I’ll have you leading your child in confidence in no time flat!

So whether you’re worried about being invited out

with a group of friends or worried about your child’s behavior in class,

you never have that “feeling ashamed and alone” moment again.

BEST PART: You never have to leave your house,

and I make it quick and easy.

And yes, I do one-on-one sessions, too.

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Tameka Anderson

10 Random Facts About Me

1. I have been on every side of the foster care system. I was a foster child for 21 years, a court-appointed special advocate, affiliate board member for Governor’s Board of Children and Family Services Task Force Team, and now therapeutic foster parent.
2. Single mother. Raising children is NOT an easy job; it’s even more difficult when you are doing it alone, for 25 years. But I digress.
3. I absolutely LOVE children. I have taught hundreds of children all over the world from Sunday school to vacation bible school, I’ve done it all! I’ve even been dubbed the Child Whisperer (kinda cool title).
4. My house is always messy (call it a creative hub if you will). Children thrive in a creative environment and you can’t have creative without messy, so yeah, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
5. I have the IQ of a genius. I was a prodigy child when I was younger playing four instruments, memorizing and performing long speeches all while receiving standing ovations.
6. My favorite color is blue. For years the color blue has been associated with dreary or moody, I’m changing that with the motto, “my blue is confident.”
7. I am a cat person, not a dog person. I am allergic to dog hair and the wet dog smell (sorry dog peeps).
8. I love all things performing arts. When I was a child the way I used to escape from my horrible reality was to play make believe. I did it so much until I had to pinch myself to ensure I was even real.
9. I LOVE being a mom. Even though they often make me feel like I wanna jump out of a moving car, I really do love being a mom. Although this is modern day slavery I wouldn’t have it any other way.
10. When my children were younger I was dubbed “the bad parent”. I decided to change my parenting method when my toddler son started dropping the F-bomb frequently. So yeah I’ve been there and done that and want to help you too!

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